Everyone is talking about sustainability these days, yet still too little is done to find practical solutions, especially as far as the fashion industry is concerned - one of the world’s largest polluters, second only to the oil industry. 

Global polyester production consumes more than 11 billion litres of oil every year and all this for a fabric that releases micro plastics with every wash and takes 200 years to decompose. Yet thanks to its cheap price, polyester remains indispensable to fast fashion. However, even the cotton used is seldom orgnically sourced. Each year, millions of farm workers in the cotton industry suffer from poisoning as a result of the use of pesticides. Alexa’s Alphabet only uses organic cotton, certified with the GOTS seal, which requires adherence to the strictest manufacturing standards of materials from organically sourced fabrics.

Sustainability also means fair working conditions, labour rights, zero child labour and fair pay across the entire value chain. Through our production in Germany, I personally know all manufacturers and I can confidently say that we operate under fair conditions.

Local production also has the benefit of shorter trading routes, which saves resources.

It is particularly important for us that our clothes can be worn regardless of season or weather, which is why we have chosen timeless designs and varied prints.

And it is the case that our children’s skirts are made to grow and last with the child. Each skirt has an elasticated waste and a flexible style meaning that at the beginning it may fall below the knee, then on the knee, then over the knee, but in this way creating years of wear, that can be passed on for siblings or friends to continue to enjoy!

Our cotton skirts are robust and easy to wash. So whether at the playground, nursery or a family party they can be worn time and again, without suffering damage or being left to linger at the back of the wardrobe!